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Essential Supplies For New Dog Owners

Dogs are lovely companions and anybody’s life is improved when they have a furry friend at their side. However, being a new dog owner comes with its own set of challenges. That’s why today we’ll be taking a look at the essential pet supplies all dog owners need to buy. So if you are planning on getting a dog or just recently got one this is the article for you.

Don’t forget the classics

Certain stuff is just indispensable no matter how much time changes or how obvious it might seem to mention them. But that’s precisely why we need to go over these pet supplies all over again.

First things first, you need a collar. Dog collars have changed with time but their function hasn’t. You can opt for a traditional collar design for permanent use or a harness if you want it exclusively for walking. Harnesses distribute tension better if you need to stop your dog in its tracks. While modern collars come with neat features like a quick release for comfort.

Crates are useful in various situations and that is what makes them such a timeless classic. If you are using them indoors they are a great tool for training. They help set a sleep schedule and make sure your pup doesn’t go crazy on your belongings at night. Crates are great if you don’t have a specific location that can be dedicated to your dog and can be used after training when travel is necessary.

On top of that don’t forget their water and food trays, get a stainless steel one and it’ll last for ages.

Some modern supplies for you

While we’ve already covered the classic pet supplies some new inventions add a lot of value to any dog owner’s life. We are particularly big fans of potty pads to help when housetraining a dog. These replaceable pads are ultra-absorbent and make potty training so much cleaner.

And if you want to minimize the amount of fur shed by your dog then the Furminator is just perfect for you. This comb is designed to catch the stray hair your dog keeps in its undercoat and makes sure it doesn’t end on your floor.

The best part is that both the traditional supplies and these new classics can be found altogether in retailers like Centinela Feed. Which makes it so much easier to start your journey as a new dog owner.