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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Premium Fitted T-shirt

The number one complaint people have about t-shirts is the way they fit. The armholes are too large, the sleeves are too long, and the torso isn’t tailored enough. To find a better-fitted shirt, you should know what to look for when shopping. Buying a fitted T-shirt can be tricky and might require some trial and error to find exactly what you’re looking for, but it will be worth it in the end! Here’s how to shop for that perfect fitted T-shirt:

Know your measurements

The first step to finding the perfect fitted T-shirt is knowing your measurements and how they correspond with shirt sizes. For instance, if you’ve got a 36 inch chest, you’ll want to go with a medium or large size. If you’re a little shorter or taller than 5’8″, make sure to get fitted for your T-shirt in person to not feel too long or short.

Know the material

The material of your t-shirt will have an impact on how it fits. The wrong material can make your t-shirt too thick, which means it won’t hug the body the way you want it to.

If you’re looking for a fitted t-shirt, think about what kind of material you want it to be made out of. Cotton is a popular choice because it’s comfortable and breathable, but some other materials might work better for you depending on how fitted you want the shirt to be.

For example, if you don’t care about how tight the shirt is fitting or are willing to sacrifice some breathability for more durability, choose a polyester t-shirt instead.

Find out what kind of fit you want

Before you start shopping, it’s important to know what kind of fit you’re looking for. Fit is a preference and everyone has their own personal style. Do you want a slim fit or a loose fit? Next time you go shopping, try on different types of T-shirts and see which one feels best.

The T-shirt that will last you the longest

To ensure your t-shirt lasts a while, you’ll want to look for a shirt that is versatile and can be paired with a variety of outfits. Good choices might include a plain-colored fitted v-neck or a plain white fitted T-shirt.

The fit of the shirt is also key—you want to find one that will not only look great on its own but will also look good when layered under other clothing. To find out what size to get, measure yourself from under your armpit to the top of your hip bone and add two inches. If you fall on an odd number, round up and purchase the next size up.

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